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About Heather

Heather Becton Hunt has supported pregnant women, their babies, and families for over 20 years by providing safe and effective bodywork as a massage and craniosacral therapist. After graduating from the Muscular Therapy Institute in 1998, she quickly realized her passion for helping women and families during the childbearing year.  She discovered that bodywork at this transformative time of life offers essential physical, emotional, and educational support.


After completing her certification for pre-& perinatal massage with Carole Osborne-Sheets in 2001, Heather began supporting families as a postpartum doula as well as a massage therapist.  Though no longer practicing as a postpartum doula, Heather takes the invaluable experience that she gained and incorporates that knowledge in supporting families during the childbearing year, focusing on Mom but also integrating baby & the rest of the family.  In 2005, Heather began her training in craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute.  In addition to her workshops with Upledger, she has studied with Carol Gray, renowned midwife & craniosacral educator in craniosacral therapy for newborns & pediatrics and Michelle Emanuel, Occupational Therapist & creator of the TummyTime! method.


Heather takes the time to listen to her clients’ needs, providing relief from pregnancy’s physical stresses and connecting women to community resources. She also greatly enjoys supporting women through the tender postpartum period, nurturing the body’s return to its pre-pregnancy state.

Heather is a member of the American Bodywork & Massage Professionals, as well as the American Pregnancy Association.  She has contributed to family/parenting blogs as well as curriculum development for Families in the Loop &i Isis Parenting on topics such as craniosacral therapy & self care for pregnant and postpartum women.

Heather lives in MetroWest Boston with her husband and young son.  She enjoys cycling, is an avid reader & a novice gardener.


I believe that we can create a more peaceful world through our thoughts & actions at the very beginning of life. I believe that through parents giving their babies a peaceful, loving beginning in this life that they set the pattern for the way the child sees and experiences the world and herself in it. Is she treated with love and respect?  Touched gently and cuddled often?  Spoken to in a positive way?   The consciousness & care a pregnant woman takes with her body is a baby’s first introduction being loved and cared for. Through prenatal bodywork,  a woman learns about loving & gentle touch.  She connects with her body and her baby on a deeper level.  She is showing her baby how she takes care of him by taking care of herself.  It is the beginning.  The beginning to a more loving peaceful world.

  • 1998: MTI Cambridge, MA.  900 hour course study in Muscular Therapy

  • 2000: Post Partum Doula training with Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  • 2001: Pre & Perinatal Massage certification with Carole Osborne-Sheets

  • 2005: Craniosacral 1 with the Upledger Institute

  • 2007: Craniosacral 11 with the Upledger Institute

  • 2008: Advanced Pre & Perinatal Massage Certification with Carole Osborne-Sheets

  • 2011: Craniosacral Therapy for Newborns & Pediatrics with Carol Gray

  • 2013: Certified TummyTime Tutor with Michelle Emanuel

  • 2014: Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum with Carol Gray

  • 2015: Advanced TummyTime Tutor Training with Michelle Emanuel

  • 2023: Advanced CST Clinical Skills for Infants/Pediatrics with Carol Gray


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