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Whether therapeutic, prenatal or postnatal, Moms and Dads both need bodywork as they prepare or care for young children. Take care of yourself by having regular massage to not only melt away tension and stress, but to also afford your body the opportunity to reap health benefits like lower blood pressure and improved sleep.


For expectant mothers, as with any addition to your prenatal care, massage should be discussed with your care provider. There are some conditions in which massage may not be suitable and your care provider can help you decide what is healthiest for you and your baby.


60 MIN  |   75 MIN  |  90 MIN

Relieve pregnancy discomforts, reduce tension and swelling, lower blood pressure and improve sleep with the gift of pregnancy massage. Heather's certified and experienced hands support expectant mothers through gentle, restorative massage in safe, effective side-lying and semi-reclined positions. 

•    reduce physical tension
•    reduce swelling in legs & hands
•    alleviate sciatic pain
•    stabilize hormones
•    lower blood pressure

•    enhance blood + nutrient flow to baby
•    increase mom’s connection to baby
•    improve sleep
•    reduce or alleviate headaches
•    reduce joint pain



60 MIN  |   75 MIN  |  90 MIN

During a postpartum treatment, mom will be positioned however she is comfortable, whether it be on her belly with a pillow underneath her breasts (to cushion tenderness) or side-lying if mom has a healing cesarean incision. A thorough review of mom’s delivery and current state will be discussed before the treatment begins to address any concerns.

Women may receive postnatal massage any time after delivery if there are no health concerns or delivery issues. Postpartum massage supports recovery from the marathon of labor and discomforts following delivery, regardless of the type of delivery. It also helps relieve physical tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders due baby holding, snuggling, bending and lifting. 

Therapeutic Massage

60 MIN  |   75 MIN  |  90 MIN

The ultimate form of relaxation is massage!  Heat packs are applied to feet and neck while your body relaxes with peaceful music, aromatherapy, and firm, Swedish style massage techniques. 

•    aid pain management

•    increase blood flow

•    rehabilitation for muscle injuries

•    increased flexibility

•    reduced stress

•    support immune system



Initial Appointments

75 MIN   $120

General, Prenatal & CranioSacral Massage Therapy

60 MIN $100   |   75 MIN $120  |   90 MIN $140

Infant CranioSacral Therapy - Sliding Scale

 60 MIN $60-95   |   FOLLOW UP 30 MIN $45-60

Home & Hospital Visits for Mom on Bedrest

60 MIN $140   |   90 MIN $170    

Payment is expected at time of appointment. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.



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